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5 Things You Can Do While Hanging Out At Home

During our nation's partial lockdown this period, many of us might be wondering what is there to do before going bored at home. Being in isolation can feel a bit strange. Lots of people are finding ways to keep themselves entertained, and coming up with activities to make self-isolation a bit more interesting.

Here are 5 activities you can do while staying at home.

1. Read a Book.
Yes, remember those? Tons of paper compiled together for your reading pleasure. This is the time to blow the dusts of them and who knows, you might get some useful knowledge while entertained reading them. No traditional books? No problem! In these modern times you can read an ebook instead.

2. Take A Breather. Relax On Your Bed.
We get it. Most of us are busy bees working through a 5,6 and 7 days a week. Take this time to finally relax, recharge your body and mind. If you're using mattresses by Italhouse, you can rest assured to get a comforting feel. But do mind your times sleeping. Don't turn into a fulltime bed resident instead!

3. Clean Your Homes Regularly
Keeping your home clean and disinfected will prevent the spread of coronavirus, and any other virus for that matter. The most important surfaces to clean regularly are the ones you touch most often. These surfaces usually include; desks, door handles, smartphone, keyboards, light switches, kitchen & bathrooms.

4. Home Exercise
Don't get us wrong. We're not saying you should run around inside your house for a jogging session. You can try simple and easy exercise or meditations instead. This can include yoga, freeletics or you can use this simple workout method while doing chores at home.

5. Get Some Entertainment
After some time you will be gettting bored. This is the perfect time to binge watch that TV show you always wanted but don't have the time to. An avid gamer? Bust out that Playstation controller instead. This shouldn't be too hard in our time and age as technology is just a fingerprint away. But we do want to stress you to limit your times with it. There other, unplugged ways to get entertained such as playing board games or chess.

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