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Why Italhouse?

Italhouse is the local leading brand that offers top-tier quality mattresses and sofas made by the finest and precise craftsmanship. Italhouse owns its own direct factory where all of its workmanship in creating the mattresses and sofas are made without the assistance of dealer or other third party.

Creating and selling its own products, Italhouse offers a cheaper price when compare to the market price. Italhouse provides a wide range of top-notch quality products, accompanied with affordable prices to create a reliable experience for customers. Customers are able to visit Italhouse’s showroom for further assistance and information about its good.


Italhouse aims to maintain its accomplishment of becoming the local leading brand when it comes to manufacturing its product. With its top-quality tier of products made with precise craftsmanship fused with the latest technology of machinery and equipment, Italhouse aims to continue selling their products with affordable prices to create a reliable and wonderful experience for customers.


Italhouse aspires to become a reliable brand to its customers by prioritizing customer satisfaction always. When customers buy our products, we intend to give them back in a form of high quality service and products in order to strengthen the loyal relationship between us and our customers.

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