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Experience the best Italian leathered sofa & mattress from Mèta Design. Using high quality leather that lasts a lifetime and a robust frame that can withstand your weight. Choose from a variety of models that we offer from Mèta Italian Design only at Italhouse. 

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Over 30 Years Of Experience

Mèta brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship, design and high level of comfort. Over the past 3 decades, Mèta has acquired a leading position, becoming a point of reference for thousand of consumers.

In light of this extraordinary succes, today the Mèta family is growing bigger in order to offer to its clients not only its traditional range of convertible sofas but also a further, important line of upholstered sofas and beds. 

Today, we are expanding our business to Malaysia and follow the trends of the market and understand its requirements, helping our clients invest safely in products that are always in line with latest trends and that do not compromise on top quality and comfort that have traditionally characterized our products.

Unparalleled Workmanship

META furnitures are made from experts craftsmen that are experienced in their field of high quality produces. This to ensure all the little details are top notch and the way it should be for consumers.

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Quality Materials That Are Long Lasting

While many industry experts recommended that you review your mattress every seven years to enjoy the best possible sleep, at TEMPUR we guarantee our mattresses for 15 years. in this time it will retain at least 95% of it's height, with no lumps, or bumps - just outstanding performance for years to come.

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