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Born From Space

Our story began when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to cushion and support astronauts during the strain of lift-off. They needed an exceptional way of evenly distributing weight and pressure. This unique material later became TEMPUR: the only mattress and pillow recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

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Transform the way your sleep 

The TEMPUR difference is all about performance benefits. Because of their unique performance, TEMPUR mattresses and pillows differ from all others – and provide the best night’s sleep.

This performance derives from the open cell structure of TEMPUR material, resulting in billions of supporting points that reduce pressure on your sleeping body.

Sleep Technology™ by Tempur

Maximised pressure relief 

TEMPUR material is a pressure-relieving surface, engineered with an open cell structure that absorbs and evenly distributes the weight of your body and maximising comfort.

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Long-lasting performance - guaranteed 

While many industry experts recommended that you review your mattress every seven years to enjoy the best possible sleep, at TEMPUR we guarantee our mattresses for 15 years. in this time it will retain at least 95% of it's height, with no lumps, or bumps - just outstanding performance for years to come.

Outstanding motion absorption 

TEMPUR material absorbs motion - so you and your partner can move and are less likely to disturb one another. Motion absorption is measured through rebound - the lower the better. Drop a weighted ball onto standard memory foam and it can rebound up to 20%. TEMPUR has a rebound less than 3%.

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Truly personalised body support 

We have designed TEMPUR material to be in the ideal state to soften, compress and conform to your shape and weight at average bedroom temperature. Whichever position you find most comfortable, TEMPUR adapts to you.

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