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Englander Rafford Mattress

Englander Rafford Mattress - Italhouse


Englander Rafford Mattress

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Why Not Pamper Yourself?

-Luxury Hotel Mattresses-

Enjoy a 5-star sleeping experience every night. Luxury hotels know that a two-sided mattress offers greater comfort, increased longevity, and exceptional value. Enjoy the versatility and long life of double-sided mattresses as you flip your mattress for a fresh sleeping surface, extending your overall sleeping comfort.

Englander Rafford

Firmness Level ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Mattress Thickness 28cm (11")
  • Single : (W) 92cm x (D) 187cm x (T) 28cm
  • Super Single : (W) 119.5cm x (D) 189cm x (T) 28cm
  • Queen : (W) 152cm x (D) 190cm x (T) 28cm
  • King : (W) 183cm x (D) 190cm x (T) 28cm
  • Customize size available, please contact us for more details.
  • 3’’ Latex Euro Topper with 6’’ Coco Fibre
  • Carbon Gauze Fabric
  • Ensuring Less Disturbance
  • Reduce Back Pain.
  • Ensure Maximum Comfort and Best Support.
  • Anti Dust Mites, Anti Bacteria, Anti Fungus
  • 10 years warranty against manufacture defects.
  • The warranty card with warranty information is included inside mattress packaging.
  • For any products warranty details, please refer here



What are the best benefits of you using a Natural Latex made mattress? Is it better? How will it help me or the environment?

 ✔ Extremely Comfortable
 ✔ Anti-Microbial and Hypoallergenic
 ✔ All-Natural
 ✔ 100% Recyclable
 ✔ Durable and Sustainable
 ✔ Natural Spine Alignment
 ✔ Excellent Air Circulation
 ✔ Great Movement Isolation


Hygroscopic quality: it is that quality which makes the mattress able to make to you restful and provide a refreshing sleep. Coconut fibre mattresses are made of such quality which can easily absorb moisture that will, in turn, make your sleep a comfortable one.

Perfect ventilation: these mattresses are very well ventilated as there is maximum airflow in and out. This makes the mattress very cool. Besides maintaining an ideal temperature for you to sleep, it naturally calms down your body to have a better sleep.

Additional support: as the coir mattresses are made of natural fibres only, they are springy naturally, thus provides more support to the whole body of the sleeper. With support from coir mattresses, people lying down at back would be more advantageous for getting a perfect posture to sleep as well as align the spine perfectly.

Recommended for those having allergies: there is nothing like dust in these mattresses which could irritate the sleepers especially to those who are more prone to allergies due to dust.

Cooling sensation: coconut fibre mattresses have the moisture-absorbing ability and promote continuous airflow to create a perfect temperature for sleep. Most of the moisture is absorbed by the mattress itself.



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